Tim Gunn's 'AHA' moment revealed!

StyleList guest editor Tim Gunn has had countless incredible moments in the spotlight. From interviewing the biggest stars on the red carpet to working with Heidi Klum on 'Project Runway,' his rise to fame has been a story of ups, downs, and everywhere in between.

With so many memorable moments in ones career, pinpointing an 'AHA' moment may be difficult, but surprisingly for Tim, this moment came easily to him when StyleList sat down with the 'Under the Gunn' star. "I have two, yes, I've definitely got two 'AHA' moments," said Tim. The first involved his big move to New York City from Washington, DC. "In DC, everyone is the same, no one challenges anything. People's clothes are too big, it's a very 'shlumpy' city. Moving to NYC, you can be whoever you want to be. If there is a cookie cutter in NYC, there are 7M different shapes. The city accepts you for who you are and that was an incredible moment for me."

The second moment involves one of our favorite designers, Diane von Furstenberg. "The first semester I was chair of Parsons (October 2000), I asked DVF 'what's the matter?' She gestured with her arms up and down and said 'I don't know if this is right, how you're dressed -- I don't know, I want you to think about it,' she said. The next day, I went out and bought a pair of pants without a pleat, a grey turtleneck and a leather blazer. She challenged my thinking. It was a push or perhaps a shove to be myself. She was catalyst for me doing something."

Whether he's mentoring young designers in his new show, 'Under the Gunn' or interviewing celebs on the red carpet, Tim has plenty of time to make countless more 'AHA' moments.
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