Three Things You Didn't Know About Naomi Campbell

Naomi Campbell has been a permanent figure in the public eye for years, but there are still a few things you may not know about the iconic model. We sat down with Naomi and discussed her career, fashion, and personal style. We loved hearing that Naomi enjoys relaxing with family and listening to her Itunes, but we found a few things she told us very surprising.

1) The stranger the better. When asked about the most bizarre photo shoot she's ever been on Naomi replied, "The stranger the better! I think one of the most bizarre shoots was in Hawaii with Herb Ritts. I was painted black from head to toe."

2) When Naomi was 16-years-old, Azzedine Alaia, who she calls "papa" gave her first ever "bandage" dress which is now incredibly popular. The dress is one of the oldest items of clothing she still owns.

3) Recently, Naomi went blonde for the Vogue Brazil cover in February. When asked if blonde's have more fun she replied, "I've done blonde on and off in my career. I loved doing the Vogue Brazil shoot because I got to become a character and I could really play with it. I wouldn't say a hair color defines being fun, it is what is inside you."
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