Three easy ways to curl your hair

We all know that girl--the one who manages to show up every morning with perfectly tousled waves (even after $5 margarita night). She claims her secret is the curling wand, but the one time you tried that, your hair looked more Carrot Top than Tami Taylor.

Beauty novices, we've found a solution. Three, to be exact.

Read on for the best ways to get a curl no matter what type of hair you're "blessed" with:
Conair Curl Secret Infiniti Pro Girls with curls (i.e., frizz), listen up. This contraption ($100) may look intimidating, but the truth is it gives you a uniform curl with minimal effort. Just place a strand between the clamp, and the device alerts you when it's done (no burned locks here). Quick tip: We recommend watching a few YouTube tutorials first.

The No-Heat Headband For those with straighter strands, we'll let you in on a clever trick. Simply wrap damp hair around a headband, let dry and shake out your mane (Baywatch-style) to reveal loose waves. Watch our short video to see how it's done.

Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray Not exactly revolutionary, but if you have natural waves (and we, um, hate you), you'll want this baby in your arsenal. A quick mist of the salt-watery concoction ($26) and you'll look all "vacation hair" in no time.

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