This tiny trick will make your closet infinitely more organized

Earlier this week, I was lucky enough to get a peek into the closet of designer Lela Rose. And, wow: Not only is her closet basically the size of my entire apartment, but it's also immaculately organized. You know what I'm talking about: jewelry neatly in trays, shoes in tidy rows, sweaters perfectly folded on shelves, dresses sorted by length and color.

How to get a closet like that? Without having copious amounts of space, major handyman skills, and some serious coin to put down, having that kind of wardrobe does seem a bit like a pipe dream.

Maybe. But there is a trick to at least getting the organization part right-and let's face it, that's half the battle.

The secret? Labels. Yes, labels.

"It adds that extra element of, honestly, guilt," professional organizer Tidy Tova explained recently to OfaKind. "It's like that that little voice saying, 'No, no, no-you know this doesn't belong here. It belongs one bin over.' It really is that slap-in-the-face reminder. It does make you look compulsive, and it's a little pedantic. But I just think adding that one extra hint of 'behave yourself' can really make a difference."

Such a no-brainer. I love the idea of choosing a chic font (there are some lovely free ones here) and printing your own.

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