The Town Crier: An Unexpected Star of the Birth of the Royal Baby

When news broke that the Duchess of Cambridge had given birth to a son on Monday afternoon, there was one who (if unexpectedly) stole the spotlight for a moment in time.

The town crier, dressed elaborately in a bright red coat, large hat and red white and blue feathers, shouted the birth announcement from outside St. Mary's Hospital. He rang his bell and told cheering crowds about the new Prince, reading from a large scroll.

He was all over the front pages of newspapers on Tuesday, a media star from the moment he began his announcement. Another surprise for the media was that many thought he was London's official town crier, but he wasn't!

Rachel Maddow interviewed the man: Tony Appleton, the town crier of Great Baddow, to see what caused him to make his appearance. He told her that he just "loves the royal family," and that he'd been planning to be there "for two weeks" in advance. He had the help of a royal Times of London journalist to get the announcement just right.

According to the Huffington Post, security outside of the hospital assumed he was meant to be there, and didn't bat an eye when he began his call. Cheers to the royal baby, and his biggest fan! (Huffington Post)
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