The secret to maintaining your blonde hair color this summer

As much as I love blonde hair, it's not always the easiest color. Unless you're naturally super blonde and don't require highlights (lucky you!), then the salon is probably a place you spend a lot of time. Blonde hair requires maintenance -- root touch-ups, conditioning treatments, and extra care in the summer as chlorine is a blonde's worst enemy. I love the way my color looks right after leaving the salon -- freshy-fresh blonde with nary a root in sight.

Since I limit my hair washing to twice a week (two words: dry. shampoo.), I can keep it looking like this for the first couple of weeks. However, right around the third week, the color starts to dull just a bit and any hint of brassiness – that slightly orange-gold tint that can be typical of highlighted hair – starts to emerge. This masque will help with the dullness (it also adds a healthy dose of moisture to my dry locks), but the brassiness needs something else entirely. It needs the color purple. A purple conditioner combats any orange-y, gold tones and instantly makes highlights brighter. (There also purple shampoos. I've never used one. My colorist told me the conditioner works the most magic so that's what I use.)

I use the Silver Conditioner from Davines. I apply it once a week. I shampoo and then work this masque into my hair. I leave it on for a couple of minutes and then rise it out. Done. (Here's the key: use it in moderation. This stuff can make your hair look a little lavender if you use it too much. It's a once- maybe twice-a-week kind of thing. Once you see the bright results after you apply it for the first time, it's tempting to use it more than necessary. Limit yourself.) The bright violet hue makes it look a little scary coming out of the bottle and it might seem weird applying this color to your hair, but I promise it works. I've always used the one from Davines but I've heard good things about this one and this one, too. If your blonde hair needs some brightening, give it to a try!
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