The one pair of jeans Lea Michele can't live without

Believe it or not, comfort is key for Lea Michele. Waking up early for shoots or traveling as much as she does means she needs to be comfortable. However Lea reveals one important caveat to being comfortable saying, "being comfortable doesn't mean you have to wear sweats everyday. I like to be comfortable, while looking put together."

This not-so-easy feat that Lea has perfected so well, led us to our next question: Then what is your one can't live without piece of clothing that's comfortable? Without a second thought, Lea quickly replied, "I love my FRAME boyfriend jeans -- they are so comfortable. I love dressing a pair of boyfriend jeans up with heels or dressing them down with a pair of sandals."

In Lea's new book, she gives you tips on maximizing your shopping budget, her favorite brands which include Helmut Lang and Vince, and how to properly organize your closet because as we've learned, Lea likes to be organized!

So if you haven't already, click here to get your own pair of FRAME boyfriend jeans!
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