The One Item 'Bachelorette' Desiree Can't Live Without

We've been anxiously awaiting the return of our favorite guilty pleasure, 'The Bachelorette,' and now we only have a few more days to endure! On Monday, May 27th, Desiree Harstock embarks on a journey to find love and we'll all get to watch the ups, downs and drama in-between.

We chatted with Cary Fetman, the show's stylist, about what sort of fashion we can expect from leading lady.

StyleList (SL): How would you describe Desiree's style?
Cary Fetman (CF): Desiree was easy. She's a sporty girl who loves to keep things casual. For rose ceremonies, we loved putting Des in tight fitting, simple dresses that accentuated her gorgeous athletic body.

SL: How involved is Desiree in picking the clothes for her season?
CF: All the Bachelorette's are involved from the beginning in the styling process. I'll initially go out and pick clothes I think she'll like, then we'll meet way before the show starts taping and Desiree would tell me what she liked and what she didn't. After that, based on what she chose, I'll go out and find even more!

SL: Did you run into any styling issues while taping Desiree's season?
CF: LA got a cold front -- everywhere we went were she'd wear a sexy dress, and would be like, "it's 30 degrees!" It was freezing. So we had to utilize pieces like a great leather jacket or shawl to keep her warm. You'll see that leather jacket a couple of times in the show!

SL: What's the best type of fabric for television?
CF: The camera loves sequins, but Desiree liked to keep things simple and short (very short).

SL: You've been styling Bachelors and Bachelorettes for a number of seasons, do you ever offer them any personal advice?
CF: I always tell them there are going to be days where you are so tired of being told what to do, over-touched, and doted on and you just have to tell me to when to leave you alone. I'm always there for them to help with their clothes, but if they don't want me there, I'll leave them alone.

SL: Do you go on the dates with Desiree and help style her?
CF: We don't go on the dates with them, we leave the clothes for them and if they want me in the morning to help style, I will come and help, but for the most part I am very hands off. I've done my thing, I've given you the clothes and suggestions, but once I'm gone it's totally up to them.

SL: What about their hair and makeup for dates?
CF: The girls do all their own makeup and hair on dates. They've got help during the rose ceremonies but on their group dates, individual dates, and double dates, the way they look is totally up to them and they have to do it themselves.

We could not be more excited for the premiere, and some of us have even started picking our favorite Bachelors for this season. Check out all 25 men and tune into the season premiere of 'The Bachelorette' on Monday, May 27th at 8/7c on ABC.
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