The latest Fashion Month runway gimmick: Actual drones at Fendi

It seems that designers are going above and beyond this season to come up with buzz-generating and technologically innovative stunts to pull during their runway shows. There was Alexander Wang's revolving platform, Opening Ceremony's chocolate wall, Giles' mid-runway selfie videos by Cara Delevingne and probably a dozen other things we can't even remember.

And now that London has wrapped up and we're moving on to Milan's moneyed fashion houses, there are, of course, drones.

Fendi is planning to have several Fendi-branded, high-definition drones flying along the runway during its show. It will be - wait for it - "the first fashion show ever seen through the eyes of the drones," per a release.

Those of us at home will be able to tune in at during the show this Thursday, Feb. 21 at 12:30 p.m. CET. And not only that, we'll be able to customize our experience by choosing between a classic livestream view or through drones' perspective, which will be labeled "Drone Cam."

We wonder what Karl Lagerfeld - who, of course, also designs Chanel - will come up with for the French house to one-up this super cool Fendi extravaganza.

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