The greatest GIFs of Kristen Wiig for her birthday

Kristen Wiig is one of the funniest women in Hollywood, and while we were sad to see her leave Saturday Night Live a couple years back, we were given Bridesmaids to ease our pain. Today August 22nd is Kristen's 41st birthday, so we wanted to celebrate the only way that felt appropriate -- laughing.

Here are the funniest GIFs of our favorite funny lady!

There's drunken Cinderella:Kristen Wiig GIFs
Her killer dance moves:
Kristen Wiig GIFs
When she would get REALLY excited on SNL:Kristen Wiig GIFs
A hair flip that totally rivals Kate Middleton's: Kristen Wiig GIFs
This perfect T-Swift impression:Kristen Wiig GIFs
Can we party with her? Please?Kristen Wiig GIFs
Sexiest wink EVER:
Kristen Wiig GIFs
Honestly, no clue:
Kristen Wiig GIFs
Haaay more dance moves!
Kristen Wiig GIFs
Her "Are you kidding me?" face is pretty perfect:Kristen Wiig GIFs
What is happening?!
Kristen Wiig GIFs
When everything is going exactly her way:Kristen Wiig GIFs
Kristen Wiig GIFs
Her birthday happens to be a Friday. Coincidence? We think not.Kristen Wiig GIFs
Happy birthday K.Wiig. We heart you!
Kristen Wiig GIFs

GIFs via Tumblr and Giphy

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