The dos and don'ts of swimwear shopping

With the hot sun beating down on you at during your music festival, consider wearing a cute bathing suit top to not only soak up the sun, but stay cool. There are racks and racks of swimsuits in Glamour's May issue, but before you try them on, Amy Romanowsky, head of swimwear at J.Crew, offers these useful tips:

DON'T rush:
Trying on swimwear is like dating. "You might have to sample a lot of different types before you find The One," says Romanowsky. "Give yourself plenty of time."
DO shop alone Save your friends the agony. "It's not the best idea to make swimsuit shopping a bonding experience," Romanowsky warns. "Some things are better done by yourself."

DON'T wear granny underwear:
"OK," says Romanowsky, "this might seem obvious, but it's true. You don't want unnecessary bulk or weird lines under your suit." Wear a thong!

DON'T forget the "Bend and Snap":
Elle Woods' signature pickup move in Legally Blonde works here too. "Try a standing squat to see if the back gives you a wedgie, check the back to make sure the edges don't creep down, raise your arms to test that the top is secure, and bend over to make sure there's no chest spillage," says Romanowsky.

DO check the fabric:
Once you've found your suit, she recommends pulling the fabric to make sure it's got good stretch. "Suits made from poor-quality nylon will wear thin quickly," meaning you'll have to repeat this whole bikini-shopping process-who wants that?

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