'The Bachelor' fashion recap: an ocean date gone awry, Nikki's headband, and more

Is it just us, or is Juan Pablo's season of The Bachelor somewhat of a snoozefest? Well, up until last night it was, when Clare and Juan Pabs took things just a little too far in the ocean. Juan Pablo then told Clare at the rose ceremony that he regretted his decision to take things too far, and that it would not have been "nice" for his chiquitri Camila to witness. Obviously, Clare burst into tears, and to be honest we were too distracted by the waterworks to even notice the dress she was wearing -- we think it was blue. Or was it coral? That pretty much sums up our attention span for The Bachelor right now. We need more screen time with Chris Harrison -- stat.

The night's most noteworthy fashion moment came from Nurse Nikki, who went on some sort of rappelling/caving date which required sneakers and a helmet. We couldn't tell you what the exact activity was, because this was the point in the night where we were rummaging around in the kitchen for leftover Super Bowl snacks. More importantly, we all know what an adventure date means by now -- if you get put in danger on The Bachelor, you're most likely making it to the hometown dates. So, congratulations Nurse Nikki! This still doesn't make up for us hating your date outfit. We had a major "uh...what?" moment when Nikki revealed her look for the adventure date. It was mostly the headband and weird backless shirt that kind of looked like a hospital gown that threw us for a loop. We spent most of the rest of the episode wondering which of the girls told Nik that the headband was a good idea. Our vote goes to Sharleen -- no doubt the girl's got tricks up her sleeve.

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