The 5 most common wedding planning mistakes

While every wedding has its own challenges, there are a few mistakes that brides and grooms make on a consistent basis. Take these five tips and learn from fellow engaged couples' mistakes, rather than repeating them!

1. Overscheduling your guests
Whether you're getting married at home or away, you need to remember that your guests have lives too and they're not necessarily committing 24 hours a day to you for your entire wedding weekend. Leave time for them to handle real life or to explore where you're getting married.

2. Asking too many people to be a part of your wedding party
Twelve bridesmaids and 12 groomsmen may have been what you've always imagined, but when it comes down to dressing them, giving them thank-you gifts, and paying for bouquets and boutonnieres for that many attendants, you can easily break the bank.

3. Forgetting to feed the wedding party on the big day
If you're all tied up getting hair and makeup done, somebody needs to be responsible for making sure that everybody has something to eat. If you don't feed the bridesmaids when they're with you all day doing beauty services, you might end up with a few drunk-and-disorderly attendants by ceremony time - not to mention grumpy.

4. Worrying too much about the music taste of the guests (and especially your parents)
Consider what you want to dance to at your wedding. It's important to keep your audience in mind when you make your playlist or choose your band.

5. Failing to do proper welcome packets for out-of-town guests
Even when you get married at home, you cannot assume that your friends, family and colleagues who have traveled to celebrate with you know much about the area. They would really appreciate directions to the events, plus local restaurants and attractions.

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