The 10 best GIFs of Taylor Swift dancing

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Taylor Swift turns 25 today, December 13th -- and as someone who has topped many a best dressed list (and always kills it on the red carpet) she's one of our favorite fashionistas.

But in all seriousness, we all know Taylor loves to get her dance on. So in honor of her birthday, we picked a few GIFs of the pop sensation showing off her dancin' skills!

Taylor Swift dancingPhoto: Giphy
Move over please, this girl needs to DANCE.

Taylor Swift dancingPhoto: Tumblr
Her sheer joy upon seeing 1989 in Target stores... obviously.

Taylor Swift dancingPhoto: Tumblr
SO MANY good gifs from her "Blank Space" performances.

Taylor Swift dancingPhoto: Tumblr
Oh, casual insane-person hair twirl.

Video: Vine
Obviously she cannot possibly care what everyone else is doing.

Photo: Tumblr
Love how the guy next to her just slowly steps aside. That's right, give our girl some room!

Photo: Tumblr
Who hasn't spent a night dancing around in your room? (Guilty.) She just needs a hairbrush to sing into!

Photo: Tumblr
Not sure what's going on here, but she's a happy camper.

Photo: Tumblr
She's just a dancing machine.

Photo: Tumblr
Hel-lo hair flip!
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