Thanksgiving-themed ad for tanning salon sparks outrage, is removed

A Thanksgiving-themed advertisement for an Alabama tanning salon has created an uproar this week. The Club Sun Color Studios released an ad boasting "The Indians brought more than just 'corn' to the first Thanksgiving ... they brought Sexy 'Color'!"

Featured in the ad were two women: one with a paler skin tone dressed as a pilgrim, and another wearing a stereotypical Native American outfit and headdress with tanner skin. Stirring up a controversy, many see the portrayal in the ad of a Native American woman as offensive and racist. While there were some comments saying the ad was simply "funny," most were along the lines of "completely unacceptable" and in "very poor taste."

The Marketing Director for the salon issued an apology for the offensive advertisement, saying that he is himself a Native American and did not mean to offend anyone. "This is an in-house ad that was never intended to be taken as racist or insensitive."

The ad has since been removed from the salon's website. (Daily Mail)

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