Sweat much? Here's your solution

If you haven't noticed, we're smack dab in the middle of summer, and it's scorching hot outside. Unfortunately, all that heat = sweat (lots and lots of it). If you're sticky and sweat-soaked after just a couple minutes with no air-conditioning, we've got the perfect solution for you.

MED e TATE antiperspirant towelettes are a must-have for keeping dry all summer long. A blend of agents in the individually packaged, grab-and-go wipes, mimic the effects of topically-applied Botox. No needles necessary! The product is a super-high grade antiperspirant that works instantly to dry you off and keep your fresh and clean. It's perfect for your hands, face, underarms -- pretty much anywhere you sweat.

Are you convinced yet? See for yourself over on Joyus. If you're a new customer, enter the code STYLELIST10 at checkout for a 10% discount (+ free shipping for a purchase over $50, which we'll honor even if you're not new to Joyus). Now we're talking! It's time to stop that yucky summer sweat once and for all.

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