Style advice from the best dressed men in the world

Men's fashion week is currently in full swing. The Milan shows are underway, Paris is about to kick off, and the London shows have wrapped. Pitti Immagine, an 86-year-old menswear trade show falls somewhere in between.

But this isn't your average Javits Center commercial gauntlet. Pitti Immagine doubles as an international summit of style. Anyone and everyone that works in men's fashion is in attendance and they don't just show up. These men are just as serious as their female counterparts, if not more, about how they dress. My first day on the Pitti Immagine promenade, I was unable to mask my shock and awe: These were carefully crafted looks, with attention paid to color combinations, prints, cut, and silhouette. And don't get me started on the accessories-pocket squares, sunglasses, hats, cigars, and actual pipes are all part of the Pitti uniform. I was concerned that I was woefully under-dressed and that maybe I didn't know anything about how to make an outfit. How could I improve? I wondered. So, I made some friends and asked around: What style advice would the well-dressed men of Pitti give to women?

Street Style At Pitti Immagine Uomo 84
"Start with the sport, the music, and the street" – Filippo, designer

"Girls should be thinking more like a cool girl wearing her husband's shirts. Being the cool one and not the one that wears flowers just because it is feminine. There needs to be a cool factor"- Jungho, designer

"Follow the Japanese. They have the guts to mix and match. Checks with stripes, prints and minimalism. They are redefining preppy." - Henrick, Dutch brand C.E.O.

"Maybe women can be a bit more effortless. They are too self-conscious. The men play with the insecurity more. American women in particular are trying to be efficient with their looks-to attract men, to impress women. They want to be somebody else. With the men, we just dress. It is cool and comfortable. Menswear is more about the clothes" - Jerome, photographer

Street Style At Pitti Immagine Uomo 84
"Women do over think it, always. It's gotta be minimalistic." - Lance, freelancer

"They should have more fun with clothes. It is silly to always be worried. Dressing up should be about fun. Look around here, the men embrace that." – Bernhard, photographer

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