Study: The Average Woman Changes Four Times a Day on Vacation

A recent study of 2,000 women in the UK found that an average woman will bring 28 outfits with her on a typical one-week vacation-that's four changes a day!

According to the research, which was commissioned by British supermarket chain Tesco, an average woman's suitcase for a week away will include four dresses, six tops, four pairs of shorts or skirts, two pairs of pants/jeans, three pieces of swimwear, three pairs of sandals, and two pairs of shoes. Oh, and while she's away, she's more than likely to buy one or two more items to add to her repertoire.

"Unlike a typical day at home, which can involve an outfit for work or for popping to the shops, an average day on holiday can consist of several different activities," Bernadette Lusher, a spokesperson for F&F clothing linen at Tesco, told the Daily Mail. "Each needs a different outfit-a bikini by the pool, shorts for walking around the shops, and then a chic maxi dress for an evening meal.

"This can make packing a nightmare," she said, "especially if you are traveling by plane and can only carry a certain amount of luggage."

How much luggage do you take on vacation? Here at StyleBistro, we like to think that we're pretty good at packing-once we did a whole Paris Fashion Week in a carry-on duffel bag!

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