Stop what you're doing: Justin Timberlake might reunite with 'NSYNC at the VMAs

Has pop music hell officially frozen over? After years of hemming and hawing at the suggestion that he might reunite with his former boy bandmates *NSYNC, Justin Timberlake is now slated to take the stage with them at the MTV VMAs airing August 25, according to a report from this morning's New York Post.

Of course, the first question that popped into our minds once we heard the news is how much cash MTV had to fork over to JT to get him to sign up for this. After all, the mega pop star has said again and again in interviews that he would never perform with *NSYNC again (never say never, JT!), and here he is signing on to do just that.

We have a theory that after seeing reigning pop diva Beyoncé rake in press for her epicDestiny's Child reunion at this year's Super Bowl, Justin began to re-think his stubbornness.

From now until August 25, our prayers will be filled with requests that this report is 100% true. How great would it be to see fully grown, Tom Ford-clad Justin Timberlake reviving those marionette moves from the "It's Gonna Be Me" video? In case you need a reminder or to be convinced, you can watch the clip below. Just think about it.

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