Step inside the #CandidlyNicole launch party

To sum it up in one word? Unfiltered.

"This is my life you guys! I am getting paid to be in a room (well I'm not paid tonight, but you know), with a cut-out of myself taking a belfie {butt selfie}. I mean, there's really nothing to complain about. Life is really good."- Nicole Richie, in a toast last night to her guests at a private dinner party she held to promote the premiere of her new reality show, #CandidlyNicole, on VH1. Seated two away from the beaming host, I dove in to her visual feast...

It's been years since I would sit in my college sorority house with six friends on my bed watching Nicole Richie steal scene after scene of The Simple Life-- the comedy, the clothes, the conundrums! This girl was pure entertainment.

It seems only natural that seven years later, she's back, starring in her own reality show on VH1, titled #CandidlyNicole {Nowadays titling a television show without a hashtag would seem backwards, right?} pulling those same dry humor "jokes" that make you wonder how many people watching are truly offended. I for one, am not.

In episode one, she forces her friend Erin to join an online dating website-- practically writing Erin's entire profile for her, fluffing the content well beyond Erin's honest capabilities. "Do you do drugs," the profile asks. Erin claims she's never tried drugs in her entire life, but Nicole chimes in and answers "YES!", coaxing Erin to believe if she tells her potential suitors that she is into various unnamed "pills", it would make her seem edgier. I laughed. Some parents might cry. But I laughed.

At her private launch party last night held at the Soho House West Hollywood, I had a chance to sit down with Nicole and ask her a few questions specifically about her wardrobe and beauty choices for the show. I mean, who could forget Nicole famously ripping fashion's red carpet from underneath Paris Hilton during their The Simple Life venture thanks to her stylist Rachel Zoe's keen eye for every vintage 1970's Emilio Pucci dress possible? We also can't forget that this is how Rachel Zoe achieved her fame. So, here's what she shared...

ELSHANE: What was your fashion influence for this season?

NICOLE RICHIE: Luckily for me it was summer so I had a lot of opportunity to play with color. I knew that I needed to feel comfortable and I needed to feel 100% me. I don't wear a lot of high heels on the show -- flats, just because I wanted freedom on the show to just be physical and just be able to drop to the floor. My focus was comfortable and feeling the most authentic to myself.

ELSHANE: Can you share some beauty tips from the show for us girls?

NICOLE RICHIE: For me, I'm 5'1, if I'm wearing a ton of hair and makeup, I start to feel a little bit like I'm drowning and don't feel like myself. I like a little bit less hair, less makeup, less weight on my face so you can feel free and confident and then I think that's when people look the brightest.

{I love this beauty advice. If I'm at a table with friends, I always feel most comfortable when I'm the one wearing less makeup. May as well take that black eyeliner and scribble high maintenance over your forehead!}

Candidly Nicole premieres on VH1 July 17th at 10/9c.

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