Shay Mitchell's plaid manicure: Get the look

Plaid is perfect for fall. Shay showed off his awesome plaid mani on her Instagram and we think the look is totally perfect for the new season. Get the how-to right here!

Shay Mitchell posted a picture on her Instagram on October 1 of the ultimate, plaid nail that is perfect for school. The look was created by Nailing Hollywood nail stylist,Stephanie Stone. Her fabulous plaid creation was featured on Shay's blog, We have the step-by-step for you below!

Shay Mitchell's Plaid Mani - How To Get Her Cool Nails

These plaid nails may look complicated at first, but they're actually super easy!

Stephanie explains the inside scoop:
"On a clean and dry nail plate, paint all of your nails with two coats of RGB Cosmetics "Too Red." Allow a few minutes to dry! Paint two stripes vertically down each nail, equally spaced apart and parallel to each other. One stripe will be your electric blue (Ginger&Liz x MPNAILS "Private Poole") and one stripe will be your army green color (Ginger&Liz x MPNAILS "Sam-Poole Sale").

Next you are going to paint a stripe horizontally across your vertical stripes, closer to the base of your nail, using your electric blue. For this next step you will take your white striping brush and paint thinner white lines down the center of your blue stripes.

Next you are going to take your glitter striping brush and paint it down the center of your army green stripe! Lastly finish it off with a top coat and wait to fully dry before doing other activities! You don't want to smear or dent your very detailed handy work!"

Shay Mitchell's Blog 'Amore And Vita'

Shay and her friend Michaela Blaney are the Chief Bloggers of, where they share their passions of life - food, beauty, fashion, and travel.

The blog is just an updated version of their first blog, The concept of the blog is virtually the same, just bigger and better! comes up with a new theme to explore each week. This week, as you can probably tell, was plaid! It is perfect for all of us who are beginning to get settled into school.

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