Shailene Woodley reveals why living sustainably is actually awesome

Actress Shailene Woodley has garnered a lot of buzz lately on and off screen for her role in the hit movie, 'Divergent' and her easy-going, dare we say 'flower-child' attitude towards life. The leading lady opened up to Natural Health Magazine in their May issue (on stands now) about her personal passions of living simply, her environmentalism and passion for nature.

We were thrilled to catch up with Shailene about her Natural Health cover and much more.

STYLELIST:You've talked a lot about living sustainably, why is this so important to you and do you ever struggle to live this way with such a busy schedule?
SHAILENE WOODLEY: It's so important to me because I AM the Earth. Nothing is going to change in this world until we acknowledge that we are as much "nature" as the tree next to us. The real shift will occur when we began living our lives with unconditional love, kindness and compassion. THAT is where sustainability stems from.

STYLELIST:You mention in this issue of Natural Health that you work with a stylist who helps you find clothing that's been worn and re-worn, what has been your favorite look from the past few months while promoting your film?
SHAILENE: I LOVED the Stella McCartney dress from the UK premiere.

STYLELIST: Have your friends and family started to live sustainably like you?
SHAILENE: They do what works for them. It's all about individual preference. It will be different for all of us. I think the most important thing to consider is honoring our own needs, and what works in our personal lives.

Do what you can when you can. Talk YOUR talk. Then walk it. - Shailene Woodley

STYLELIST:What is the easiest way for people who aren't living sustainably to get started?
SHAILENE:Turn the shower off when you're washing your body. Don't use paper towels in public restrooms. Unplug your goods when they aren't in use.

STYLELIST:You mentioned that you don't shampoo/condition often, what's your haircare secret?
SHAILENE:Natural oils baby ;). Scratch your scalp in the shower -- work it! It improves circulation and rids of the nasties from the day!

You can see more of Shailene's interview with Natural Health on stands now!
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