Selena Gomez lunches with Anna Wintour: 5 things they may have been talking about

Singer and former Disney star Selena Gomez is clearly making waves in the world of fashion. In fact, the 21-year-old has been making the rounds at Milan Fashion Week, where she sat front row at the Versace show before heading to a lunch with none other than Vogue editor Anna Wintour.

The two were spotted emerging from their lunch at the Milan Four Seasons, where we're sure many a power deal has gone down. What could the pair have been discussing over Perrier and spinach salad? We ponder the possibilities below!

1. Selena is getting a Vogue cover. This is the most obvious option. Not long after Wintour allegedly cancelled Miley Cyrus' cover on the heels of her profoundly, um, controversial performance at the MTV Video Music Awards, it makes sense that the folks at Vogue would want to replace her with another young, stylish former Disney star who has yet to resort to twerking to get attention.

2. Selena's recently amazing red carpet style. Starting with her chic appearance in Versace on the red carpet at the VMAs, we started noticing that Selena was stepping up her style game a bit more than some of her contemporaries (ahem, Taylor). Perhaps she is following in the footsteps of people like Sandra Bullock and Katy Perry, who upped their game a few months before appearing on Vogue.

3. The way to the bathroom. Look at how Anna is pointing so emphatically, and Selena seems to be scanning the room just as frantically. Perhaps they are looking for a secret exit, or maybe Anna just had one too many lunchtime cocktails.

4. The best place in Milan to get sunglasses. Considering that Anna never attends a fashion show without her shades on, and Selena probably uses them to protect herself from hordes of Selenators no matter where she goes, we think it would be wise for them to team up on the best places to stock up.

5. General fashion chatter. Anna: "What's going on with all you young pop stars wearing your underwear out in public all the time?" Selena: "I'm not really sure, you'd have to talk to Miley or Rihanna. But didn't Prada just walk sparky bras down the runway?" Anna: "Touché, Selena."

Photo Credit: Twitter, courtesy of StyleCaster

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