Robbery at Houston Chanel boutique is the latest in string of targeted high-end thefts

Are high-end heists on the rise? Between recent thefts of Tiffany jewels in New York and Chopard jewelry in Cannes, to a targeted theft at Kitson's Los Angeles outpost where the burgler stole only Brian Lichtenberg's "Homies" shirts, it seems like thieves might be taking a tip or two from Vogue.

The latest hit happened last night at a Chanel boutique in Houston, Texas. A total of six men were involved in the robbery at Houston's The Galleria mall, according to the Houston Chronicle.

Five men walked into the mall's unlockeddoors at 4 A.M. and pried open the safety glass of the Chanel store with a "heavy tool." They grabbed around 30 purses (the cash register was left untouched), which they stuffed into garbage bags. Their getaway driver got "spooked" by a mall security truck, and the men took off running, dropping many of the bags in the process.

Police in Houston say the value of those bags ranges between $5,000 and $10,000–standard for a Chanel handbag. But if the thieves had made it off with 30, that would place the total theft between $60,000-$300,000.

Two of the men involved have been arrested; the other four, including the getaway driver, are still at large. And according to the local ABC News station, this is only the latest in a string of high-end robberies in the area; just last week, the Saks 5th Avenue in the same mall was targeted. It's not known if these are the same thieves.

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