Rihanna's super dramatic black eyeliner: love or loathe?

Rihanna is a video vixen, showing off a dark eye look for her new music video. Do you love the heavy eyeliner on RiRi or do you prefer a more natural look? Vote!

Rihanna is in Thailand filming the video for her song "What Now." She posted an Instagram selfie on September 17, showing off super heavy black eyeliner and really dark eye shadow. Do you like her rockstar look? Tell us!

Rihanna posted the photo with the caption: "Chillin on set! #WhatNow." She posted another photo of her legs and feet soon after, writing: "She. x Boredom."

The shoot obviously went late into the night as she posted another photo of a coffee cup (with lipstick all over the rim), writing: "Sh*t getting real az phuck out here in Thailand!! #whatnow #shoot #its9amthenextdayandweaintleftyet #thisshootisepicazphuckdoe #WERQ." In that photo, she shows off her long, white talon nails.

Rihanna's super heavy eye makeup look is quite the departure from the no-makeup selfie she posted earlier in the day on September 17. It's so cool to see the before and after! We love that she's so open with behind-the-scenes photos on her Instagram!

Rihanna usually rocks a bold red lip or a sexy, thin cat eyeliner look, so we were pretty surprised to see such a hard makeup look on her. But, we think she can pull off almost anything!

What do you think about Rihanna's bold smokey eye look? Do you love it or loathe it? Vote below!

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