'Reign' star Adelaide Kane reveals her favorite look from the show and more

Australian beauty Adelaide Kane plays Queen Mary Stuart in the hit CW show Reign. As she describes it, her character is a "hopeful, naive, idealistic woman who has become hardened by the job of Queen." In season 2, which premiered on October 2nd, Adelaide's character becomes Queen of France, which brings more responsibility and of course, drama!

StyleList sat down with Adelaide who was filming her show in rural Toronto about this season and about her very unique personal style.

StyleList (SL): How would you describe Reign to someone who has never seen the show?
Adelaide Kane (AK): I would say Reign is like Gossip Girl meets The Tudors.

SL: How would you describe Mary's style?
AK: Mary's style is interesting. We worked with a lot of neutral colors, black and white, grays and navies, with a few pops of red. We have an incredible collection of crowns that she gets to wear, but this season is sexier and more adult than last season.

SL: What has been your favorite look on the show so far?
AK: There was this Alexander McQueen keyhole dress from the first season. It was absolutely incredible.

SL: You are Australian, which means you must have a few beauty secrets from back home, care to share?
AK: I've actually learned a lot about beauty since being in the states, but I do have my trusted products from home like Lucas Papaw cream -- it cures all blisters, it's a lip balm, I use it for everything.

SL: How would you describe your personal style?
AK: I'm far more open to girly, feminine clothing, but I remain a modern minimalist most of the time. I don't have a strong personal style, however, over the last few years I've really started to get into it, I've actually started to style myself for red carpets to get a gauge on what works and what doesn't.

Make sure check Adelaide Kane in Reign Thursday night's at 9/8c and visit their website for more on the show!
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