Ralph Lauren's niece removed from plane, held on 'air rage' charge

American fashion designer Ralph Lauren's niece was removed from a plane bound for New York City, forcing it to land in Ireland. Jenny Lauren, jewelry designer, was en-route home from Barcelona when she was arrested for being dangerously drunk.

The three charges, according to AP are "making threats and abusive comments, exhibiting drunkenness severe enough to pose a danger to herself and others, and behaving in an obnoxious and offensive fashion."

Lauren was arrested upon landing, but freed on bail of 2,500 Euros. She was then ordered to go to the Shannon police station, surrender her passport, and remain at a hotel in the town. Her lawyers say that she intends to plead guilty to all three counts.

A police officer testified that "Lauren told officers as they were explaining the reasons for her arrest: 'Can you say that in English, please?' English is the universally spoken language in Ireland." Yikes -- definitely not the ideal situation for the Lauren family!

Photo Credit: Press Association

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