Rachel Roy's 'The Life' with Melissa Magsaysay

"I launched a new digital experience on RachelRoy.com called "The Life". This digital magazine is an aggregation of all the lifestyle content we have already been producing for our consumers, it only made sense to bring it all into one forum. "The Life" is a source for inspiration and empowered living; a place to learn from those that are living their dream, the steps they needed to get there and advice for all who want to pursue similiair paths. The goal of "The Life" is to show that you can design the life you want to lead- and here is how others are doing it...."

"Additionally, I launched the "The Life" video series, an extention to the digital section on RR.com. The intent behind "The Life" monthly video series is simply to teach my listeners exactly how my friends, people I admire have gotten the jobs/careers they have - in hopes of both inspiring and also showing that the common thread is not so hard to figure out - passion plus hard work. Many of the first videos focus on women with inspirational stories that make an impact on the world through business and philanthropy. This month I give you exclusive access to Melissa Magsaysay, the former LA times Fashion Editor and author of "City of Style" who shares tips on how she broke into fashion writing."


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