Rachel Blumenthal: The best advice I've ever received

As with any new business, I spent the last year seeking advice, all while doling out advice to new and expectant parents along the way. As a former designer launching a business in the tech world, you can imagine how many questions I had. Thankfully, an early adviser offered some valuable advice -- that I should share my idea with as many people that would listen. It's common to worry about someone taking your idea but ultimately all good businesses come down to execution. I wouldn't be here today without all of the advice I received from everyone I shared my idea with. Below are some of the pieces that still stick with me.

Jessica Alba, The Honest Company:
"Always be transparent about the products you recommend and don't stop asking questions and demanding more of these products." (We recommend our 3 favorite products but know that doesn't make them perfect. It's our promise to our members to always be direct, honest and anecdotal with our product reviews.)

Eva Chen, Lucky Magazine:
"Anyone can create content but it's about knowing your reader and creating the type of content they want to be reading." (We know our reader has a lot of questions and is time-strapped, but she also wants to be inspired. We publish stories that are helpful, educational and visually inspiring.)

Neil Blumenthal and Dave Gilboa, Warby Parker:
"There is nothing more powerful or memorable than an authentic story." (For example, not knowing or understanding what to buy for my (and Neil's) baby when I was pregnant was a true personal frustration that many of our friends have experienced.)
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