Perfect Hair Parting Techniques

There's a natural part in most heads of hair - a way that your hair naturally falls, leaving a small line of scalp bare. You can find it by wetting your hair, then combing it straight back when it's still damp. Wherever the hair naturally falls is your natural part.

Your natural part, however, may not be the best part for your face shape, so it pays to experiment with a few part styles to see what works best for your face.

And if you're looking to change your hairstyle, you can make a big change without going under the scissors simply by changing the way you part your hair. The easiest way is to try parting your hair on a different place on your head - swapping your part from the left side to the right side can give you a new look and may actually add a bit more body to your hair. But you might also try one of the more complicated parts that are current - it can give your hair a bolder look. A dollop of pomade will give these complex parts a cleaner, sharper look. Here's a quick rundown of stylish parts.

Zigzag part. This modern, graphic take on the part is often used with pigtails or ponytails, to give the hairstyle more interest. To create this look, start with a straight part, then use a comb to cut a triangle of hair from the part on one side, and comb it back over to the other side of the line. Continue working from the front of your head to the back, repeating the process until you've achieved the zigzag pattern you want.

Crisscross part. This is a variation on the zigzag part, and it's often used to create a more textured look and even to mask thinning hair. In this case, instead of just pulling the triangles from the center part directly over to the opposite side, the zigzag pieces are combed back over the part in front of each other, creating a woven, almost braided look.

Curved part. Skip the straight part and try throwing your hair a curveball. Parting your hair with a rounded part creates an interesting asymmetry, adds volume to your hair, and allows you to make a more "swept over" style.

Diagonal part. A diagonal part will give your hair a more asymmetric look. It's often used in updos to mask the foundation of the hairstyle, or to pull more hair to one side in the front to create a fashionable "swept over" style.

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