Olivia Wilde on the perils of red lipstick, her nighttime beauty routine and more

For 29 year-old Olivia Wilde, life never seems to slow down. She debuts new products as a Global Ambassador of Revlon on day in New York, only to jet off to L.A. for a film premiere the next. We were lucky enough to sit down with Olivia at the Trump SoHo hotel in New York to chat about her beauty routine, must-have products and more.

She wore a black dress by The Row and Jimmy Choo boots, her hair and makeup looking effortlessly natural and lovely. You've probably heard that Olivia isn't just one of Hollywood's striking beauties, but also extremely down to earth, and you heard right. We obviously had to discuss her work with RYOT, (where you don't just read the news, you can become involved. Immediately.) but quickly dove in to all-things beauty.

We here at StyleList are firm believers in the power of mascara to completely transform the way you look and feel. When asked if there was a product she just couldn't live without, Olivia told us she agreed completely with our love for mascara, but that she thinks the most under-appreciated beauty product is an eyebrow pencil. "Every woman's natural beauty is brought out by her eyebrows," she explained. Because haven't we all fallen into the trap of beauty trends -- even when it means plucking your eyebrows past the point of no return? Olivia said she is a victim of over-plucking, but is grateful for an eyebrow pencil to fill them in!

No amount of makeup can cover the mistake of not properly cleansing your skin.

When it comes to her nighttime routine, Olivia stressed the importance of washing away the day. "I wash my face diligently, because no amount of makeup can cover the mistake of not properly cleansing your skin. So I clean and moisturize, and will exfoliate about once a week." She told us she'll use a thicker moisturizer in winter (Dr. Hauschka's Rose Cream is her favorite) and a lighter cream in the summer.

When asked the hard-hitting question: If you had to choose between metallic eyes and red lips, which would it be? She immediately answered "for me, metallic eyes!" She then went on to joke about how impossible maintaining a red lip can be. "Red lips are impossible! I'll always forget I have it on, and get it everywhere or smudge it." And as much as we love the look, we have to agree! Major props to
women who can rock a red lip with ease (Taylor Swift, anyone?) Someday, Olivia and I agreed, we'll be on their level... someday.

Olivia told us that her daily makeup routine is, refreshingly, quite simple. She'll mostly focus on variations of eyeliner, but her go-to is "a line on the top of my eye with a little wing, and then some CC cream or tinted moisturizer." Revlon's latest products in their Age Defyingregimen has a CC Cream that she loves. In an effort to bring the benefits of pricy procedures like botox and line fillers to the masses, Revlon developed four new products - Firming + Lifting Makeup, Wrinkle Remedy Line Filler (our fave!), CC Cream (with SPF 30) and Targeted Dark Spot Concealer Treatment.

We agreed that there's nothing better than embracing your natural beauty. When in doubt, Olivia said we should all "look to the French." She had us laughing over a story in which she went to a roundtable with French actress Adele Exarchopoulos where she, Olivia, was all dolled up. She says Adele wore barely any makeup (some mascara and a perfect orange-y lipstick shade), had her hair un-done and was in flats, and looked better than anyone there! She said she and a fellow actress were "so jealous" because Adele was just so effortless and stunning.

Guess that's just another reason to love Revlon's Age Defying line of products. Rather than fight aging, they want to help you "age gracefully -- but defy age beautifully."

As a Global Brand Ambassador for the brand (alongside Emma Stone and Halle Berry), Olivia told us she's proud to work with Revlon for many reasons. "Revlon is a brand for women, run by women that will make you feel beautiful at an affordable price." She loves how the brand creates such a wide variety of products to truly work for everyone, and its passion for outreach.
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