Now that's dedication: Host of 'What Not to Wear' vomited between takes

Clinton Kelly and Stacy London have saved the wardrobes of too many to count after 10 seasons of the hit TLC show "What Not to Wear." We know we're not alone in our obsession with the show (and devastation that it's ending) but the Today show got a sneak peek at the upcoming final (sob) episode.

The hosts reveal in the clip that they've both taken just one -- one -- sick day over the ten years filming the show, and talk about the pain they've endured for WNTW. Kelly said that one episode, he was so ill during a couple's final outfit reveals that he was "literally vomiting between their final reveal looks." Ouch!

London remembers the time she needed a root canal, and was pouring Jack Daniels over her tooth (and down her throat!) to try to hold off the agony. Kelly jokes that when asked "'Does she always smell like booze?' I was like, 'Every day!'"

Don't go, Stacy and Clinton. What will the wardrobe-impaired possibly do without you?! Check out the clip below, and grab your tissues for the final episode this Friday, airing at 9pm on TLC. (Today)

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