Natalie Portman is a gorgeous runaway bride in new Miss Dior ad

"It's Miss, actually." Natalie Portman's latest ad for Miss Dior fragrance is here, and it's a short film where Portman stars as a runaway bride who just wants to find some adventure.

The film switches between black and white scenes of the bride-to-be getting ready, then walking down the aisle with her father in a gorgeous hand-crafted Dior gown to scenes in color of Portman running from the wedding, tearing off her white dress to reveal a sexy LBD underneath.

She runs to a scenic cliff where she's picked up by a handsome man flying a helicopter with "CD" (for Christian Dior) on the side. To top it all off, the film is set to Janis Joplin's "Piece of My Heart" - and it is perfection. Watch above!
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