Miley Cyrus is growing her hair out: saying goodbye to the pixie cut

Last year, Miley surprised everyone by chopping off her hair and revealing a sexy bold cut. Is Miley over her short hair? She's apparently decided that short hair just isn't for her! Read to find out why.

Miley Cyrus, 20, revealed that she loves her short hair, but she secretly misses her old long locks! Surprisingly, she has decided to go back to her signature old hairstyle that she had before her dramatic cut. Which style do you love best on Miley?

Miley Cyrus is growing her hair out - Saying goodbye to the pixie cut

In an interview with her good friend, Kelly Osbourne, on E!'s Fashion Police, Miley admitted that she's tired of her sexy buzz cut and that it's time for her to grow it all out and return to her previous long hair.

She says, "I'm secretly tugging on it every night and taking Viviscal, I'm not going to lie, but I'm going to rock it while I have it."

Miley was faced with a lot of criticism when she chopped off her hair, but we're glad about how confident she is in her own skin!

In a previous interview with Harper's Bazaar, Miley revealed that none of her long hair was ever real, so she didn't really chop off much hair. She admitted that she wore hundreds of extensions!

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