Michelle Tanner wore Chanel on Full House, say the Olsens

What did you wear when you were five? The Children's Place? Limited Too? Maybe a little Gap Kids sprinkled into the mix? Not Michelle Tanner. (Yes, we know she's not real.) According to Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, their fictional Full House alter ego's wardrobe was a whole lot more Chanel than OshKosh B'gosh.

The talented twinsome spoke with The Edit about the hours of their childhood that were slaved away in an effort to make the tiniest Tanner's middle class, San Franciscan wardrobe a little more aspirational–and how it helped them in the long run as designers.

[On Full House] we'd be in six-hour fittings three times a week, because we had to wear 12 different outfits," Ashley recalls. The majority of the wardrobe was made up of adult pieces, including Chanel and Marc Jacobs, cut to fit. "We were designing clothes for ourselves as we were so petite," Mary-Kate adds. "So I think that is when we became obsessed with fit, and now the obsession has become a profession.

Ashley also offered up some insight into their ultra luxe label The Row's purposeful "anonymity," as they call it. "We knew there wasn't another brand offering basics in a luxurious and contemporary way," she explains. "If I wear certain designer brands, or too much of something, I look crazy, and I need something to break it up. If you are wearing a Chanel jacket and you need an anonymous piece that will show just how special that jacket is, I hope that is what The Row gives you."

So basically, The Row is to super rich people what an Old Navy tee is to the general population. Innnnteresting. And another bit of trivia: The twins are apparently so obsessed with keeping things anonymous, they initially planned to ghost design The Row with someone else serving as figurehead. Put that in your Snapple cap and... sip it.

Which Marc Jacobs collection was this piece from?

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