March Madness Final Four Style

March Madness really kicks into gear this weekend, with the final four teams facing off against one another for a coveted spot in the championship. While we may not be the biggest sports enthusiasts, we do love a good competition, which is why we just had get into the school spirit action with our very own style bracket.

With all the excitement surrounding the Final Four, we set out to find a few college fashionistas who knew a thing or two about their school and (of course) game-day style.

Julie Deutsch is a senior at Syracuse University who plans on cheering for the Orange Saturday night against Michigan. When we asked Julie how girls at Syracuse dress for the big game, she remarked, "For most games I would say that girls show up in leggings or jeans with a Syracuse jersey or orange Syracuse shirt. Some girls will cut their shirts to make them tank tops and throw a bandeau underneath." School spirit is one thing Julie knows well -- she recently appeared on the cover of Sports Illustrated with SU Basketball player, Michael Carter Williams!

When we asked Julie what her favorite SU apparel was, her response was simple. "When attending any SU related events, I always wear a blue and orange scrunchie on my wrist (editor's note: see the blue and orange scrunchie on Julie's wrist in the photo above). My mom got it for me at a stand at a gift show that was selling cool scrunchies for every college," Julie said. Whether or not Syracuse is successful on Saturday, Julie plans on supporting her team for years to come!

SU isn't the only Final Four team with school spirit, their rival on Saturday is just as ready to support. We spoke with Maeve Ward, a recent Michigan alum who shares a very similar style sentiment as Julie. When asked about U-M's game-day style, Maeve told us, "Game-day style is a little mix of sporty and cute. In the warm weather, girls wear spandex shorts and a cute Michigan t-shirt, usually with a bow in their hair or a little face block M tattoo to spruce up the outfit. There is usually a sect of girls that will totally be over the top and turn a men's XL t-shirt into a dress, but those girls are the minority. I would say for game day, people typically use it as an excuse to look cute but still be comfortable."

If Maeve had to pick her favorite piece of apparel, it would be her maize Michigan hoodie. "So many of our sporting events happen when it's freezing outside, and it's such a staple to have in the sports fan wardrobe," she remarked.

If your team is still in the tournament (or even if it isn't) -- tell us what you'll be wearing this weekend on our Facebook page!
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