Mani Monday: Worry-Free Gel

Some women swear by gel manicures, and we agree that they're worth a try (and very convenient if you don't want to think about doing your nails for a few weeks!). One editor had a fairly bad experience with getting gel polish removed -- in which an inexperienced manicurist nearly shredded her nails -- so she was iffy about getting them done for a wedding this weekend.

But as bridesmaid duties call, you must answer. And there is no regret here! Three of the girls chose this same color, and to have perfect nails without risk of damaging them (because let's be honest, even if you get a lovely manicure, you can still nick the polish 3 hours later) was quite the relief. Through hair, makeup, the church, cocktail hour and dancing the night away at the reception and later downtown, this polish stayed in place the entire time. But that's the beauty of gel, and that's the promise going into it.

Now, if only we could conquer our nail ADD (there's a reason this girl owns over 40 bottles of polish!), so that we're not itching to change the color in a couple days. Oh well, here's to a perfect mani for the weeks ahead!
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