Mani Monday: Black and Gold Nails

It's a classic combination, and one that we just can't get enough of. From our shoes to our jewelry, we love the bold statement you make when you pair black with gold.

That's why we love this mani we found on Pinterest this week, of simple, sleek gold detailing on a black nail. It may seem daunting to achieve, but it's a lot more simple than it looks. First step: base coat. Next paint one, maybe two coats of your gold polish, depending on its opacity (we chose "The Full Monty" by Butter London$15.00). Allow this to dry completely -- for at least an hour or two. You don't want to risk messing up your gold polish!

The next step is a bit tedious. Take some masking tape and cut it into thin strips. Place these strips of tape where you want the gold to show through, and then grab your black polish (we picked "Licorice" by Essie$8.00). Paint at least two coats of black polish, allowing two minutes of drying time in between. Removing the tape at the right time is key: not too soon (the black polish will bleed) but not too late (pulling off more polish than you wanted!) -- we suggest waiting around 30-45 seconds after your second coat.

Finally, wait about 10 minutes and top it off with a super shiny top coat. Be sure to wait, because putting the top coat on too soon will drag the still-semi-wet black polish across your perfect gold lines! And voila: sparkly, shimmering black and gold nails.

Photo Credit: Pinterest, Butter London, Essie
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