Make Your Predictions: 2013 Oscars Style Ballot

Make Your Predictions: 2013 Oscars Style Ballot

Now that you've prepared your 2013 Oscar ballot and have no doubt picked all the winners, here at StyleList we think there is one more ballot to fill out. It's time to make your predictions for the best and worst dressed of the evening.

Before the acceptance speeches and wild moments that come with such an important night, our favorite actresses and actors must walk the coveted red carpet in their award season best. Will Jennifer Lawrence wear Christian Dior for the 4th red carpet or will she go with a different, less familiar designer? Is Anne Hathaway going to be the worst dressed actress of the night or will she shine like she did at the Golden Globes? Now it's your turn, make your predictions!

Share this ballot with your friends and have fun guessing who will make our best and worst dressed list. Then, check back Sunday night to find out if your ballot matches our hits and misses.

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