Lori Goldstein explains why being a bag lady and mixed-up is totally chic

Stylist and Editor-at-Large of Elle, Lori Goldstein is "very normal" -- or so she tells us! If you've flipped through the pages of Elle, Vanity Fair, W Magazine, and countless other publications, you've seen Lori's work. Her impressive résumé includes styling iconic photo shoots with Madonna, Michael Jackson, Beyonce, and more (and we mean a lot more). She's known for her creative looks that take over-the-top fashion one step further.

On October 29th, her book, "Lori Goldstein: Style Is Instinct" debuted as a collection of her favorite photographs. With a foreword by Steven Meisel, it features more than 80 astounding photos that she created in collaboration with the world's finest photographers - including Annie Leibovitz, Mario Testino, Bruce Weber, Meisel, among others.

StyleList sat down with Lori to discuss the book, her style inspiration, and a few of those iconic shoots.
StyleList (SL): Who has been your most memorable person to style?
Lori Goldstein (LG): I am more of a fashion stylist so I have stories that are memorable, but of course, styling Madonna and Michael Jackson are unforgettable.

SL: What is your approach to styling a person or shoot?
LG: To get to fully understand the person or client and immerse myself in their world and what their needs are and inject my taste into it.

SL: Who was the most challenging person to style?
LG: Dressing wise, there is never a challenge. I love dressing different body types and love individuality. Now, as far as people personalities, I¹ll never tell!!

SL: If you could style one person who would it be?
LG: Well Marilyn would be an obvious choice, so I¹m sticking to her.

Now let's get personal...

SL: As such a busy woman, what is your morning routine?
LG: Check Instagram! Kiss my dog, take her out, feed her. Then coffee, meditate and hit the ground...

SL: Describe yourself in three words.
LG: Honest, fun (crazy), and dedicated.

SL: What¹s the one thing people don¹t know about you?
LG: I'm very normal!

Make sure you snag a copy of Lori's amazing new book "Lori Goldstein: Style is Instinct" available now!
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