Lauren Conrad Talks About Inspiration for Beauty Book and Beauty Regrets

Reality-star-turned-fashion-designer and beauty expert Lauren Conrad shared her motivation behind her new book and some of the beauty mistakes.

Her celebrity status has allowed her to pick up great makeup tricks from professionals, which she's eager to share with her many fans. "So many times fans ask how to do something, or what tool or product to use, and there are so many tricks I've learned from amazing glam teams. I felt this was a great way to share it all with girls who will really put the tips to good use," she told People when asked why she decided to write her beauty book.

While she's now known for her beauty looks, that doesn't mean that she hasn't made her share of beauty mistakes. She admitted that she used to apply roll-on body glitter everywhere--even for soccer matches--wore scrunchies in her hair and even dyed her hair the wrong color.
"I used to box-dye my hair. I had fire-engine red hair at one point ... I looked like Ronald McDonald," she explained.

Her top beauty advice is a simple one. "Play up your positives and the features you love about yourself," she advises.

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