Why 'eating like a man' will actually help women lose weight

Yep, that means beers, steaks, and foods with full fat.

Sounds crazy, right? According to Jim White, a dietitian and personal trainer from Virginia Beach, it's not crazy -- it's the answer we've been looking for. White spoke with the Daily Mail, and laid out the plan of why eating like a man might just be what women need to do.

Here's the deal. When you restrict your diet, you're more likely to overeat before you start (last meal status) and binge as soon as you finish ("I'll have the double-layer burger, please... I just finished a juice cleanse!"). When was the last time one of your guy friends did a juice cleanse? Or told you he was "cutting out carbs for the next TWO weeks"? Pretty rare, right? Most guys just don't have that crash diet mentality, and they're better off for it. When you're cutting yourself off from certain foods and calorie counts for a period of time, you're just asking for those binge meals.

Next up? Diet foods. White says that foods that are labeled "diet" or "low calorie" often aren't as satisfying (as we're all well-aware) and it's simply because they're cutting out the fat and often, protein. Not only does this mean you'll feel less full (and want to snack again sooner), but the foods might have elevated levels of sodium and sugar to make up for the loss of flavor by removing the fat. Um, not a good thing.

So here's what White says women need to do, and how we should take a page out of our beer-and-beef gobbling male counterparts. Focus on the quality of ingredients you're eating, on trying to keep a good balance of fats, carbs, protein and of course - greens. Don't try to cut one thing out, just eat a balanced amount of it. Protein has essential vitamins your body needs in order to lose weight, and it helps you stay feeling full which will stop excess snacking. Not a meat eater? Just add more beans and nuts to your diet. And choosing a beer while you're out with friends instead of a mixed drink will also help fill you up and prevent that side order of fries. (Hey, your liver might thank you here as well.)

Read more over on the Daily Mail. Do you have a major sweet tooth? Check out Style Me Pretty's ultimate ice cream round-up!
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