Get the look: Kylie Jenner's cat eye

Kylie Jenner sure does know how to do her makeup! The sixteen-year-old reality TV star revealed the exact liquid liner she uses on Mobio. Read below to find out how you can get Kylie's cat eye look! ​

Kylie Jenner definitely has a lot going on in her life these days, but through it all, we can count on her flawless cat eye! She has become notorious at 16 years old for a solid black liquid line, long lashes, and even bold lips. She sure has established herself at a young age, huh? We know you love her look too - and thanks to Kylie - now you can get the exact product she uses to create her look!

Kylie Jenner's Cat Eye - Get The Look

Kylie spilled her cat eye secret on Mobio INsider on Jan. 6. She said: "The Super Slim Loreal liquid eyeliner that u can purchase at most drug stores :)" is the eyeliner that she uses for the perfect eye makeup look. L'Oreal Infallible The Super Slim Liquid Eyeliner is how Kylie creates such flawlessly clean lines.

The ultra-fine felt tip is super precise and provides 12 hour assurance. Get sleek and sophisticated cat eyes like Kylie by using this product! Kylie Gets A Cut With all the stress going on in Kylie's life - between her parents splitting after 22 years of marriage and drama with her sister, Khloe Kardashian's marriage - she decided to let go - of her hair!

Kylie said: "I just feel like there was a lot of stress I needed to let go, so I chopped it off" in a video she posted on on Jan. 4. "I actually love my hair. I'm cutting more off tomorrow. I'm going a little lighter, because I feel like it. But I love my hair way better short." ​

We love her new makeover!

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