​Details emerge on the Kimye wedding

The countdown has officially begun for one of the most anticipated weddings of the year, the wedding of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West! The couple is set to wed on May 24th, just a few short days away.

Some of the Kardashian clan was even spotted at the airport on their way to ... drum-roll please ... Italy! Yes, after months of speculation that 'Kimye' would wed in Paris, France, the AP has confirmed that Kim and Kanye will in fact marry in the Belvedere Fort in Florence, Italy. According to a spokesperson for the city's mayors office, the couple spent $410,000 'very recently' to rent the site, which is over 400 years old. The high-profile couple reportedly rented the fort, located next to Florence's famed Boboli Gardens and will be wed by a Protestant minister.

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The often camera shy West even gave the local Italian newspaper an interview saying, that he and Kardashian had visited to Florence in secret and believed that their daughter, North, born in June 2013, was conceived "among the Renaissance masterpieces." - cute, right?

There is still no word on a final guest list, the wedding gown Kardashian will wear, or if little baby North will be in attendance, but one thing is for sure, this wedding is going to be EPIC. As for the city of Florence, about to be bombarded by the obligatory paparazzi's and the A-list guest list, we wish them good luck or 'buona fortuna' as they say in Italian!
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