Top 9 at 9: Kim Kardashian changes her name, plus more news

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1. Kim Kardashian isn't a Kardashian anymore, at least not legally. She has officially changed her last name to West and has (appropriately?) let the world know via her Instagram page. Check out her Insta caption and try not to laugh at her almost duck face.

2. Apparently, Beyonce and Gwyneth are BFFs now (yes, we are on first name basis with Gwyn, too). Check out the photos of the Queen Bey at the Queen of Goop's Brentwood home.
Singer Beyonce Knowles and actress Gwyne
3. Kate Middleton was a vision in royal blue yesterday morning. Get her look -- it's actually pretty reasonable for a royal's budget!

4. Remember when we told you about the lady with the $3 million closet? Well, now that closet is worth closer to $2 million after a recent burglary. The saddest part is what was taken from her.

5. Ever wondered which celebrity you would be based on your personal style? Take the quiz and find your celebrity fashion soulmate!

6. Trend report: prints are in! We're not saying you should ditch your blacks and whites, but why not try getting a little funky from time to time with a cool pattern?

7. Vente-privee (the ultimate online flash sale destination you know and love) just kicked off their vente-privee's 2014 Summer Camp! Following in the tradition of their biannual shopping extravaganza in Europe, vente-priveeUSA is bringing Summer Camp to the United States for their members. From August 4th – August 10th you'll find new products every day that you just can't miss. Sign up here!

8. Lauren Scruggs and Jason Kennedy are engaged and you have to see the pictures! Seriously, we don't usually get sappy, but these are cute. (Style Me Pretty)
lauren scruggs
9. While we're on the topic of weddings, we have to mention Dannijo's new Bridal Collection. The pieces are absolutely stunning! If you are looking for something new for your wedding, this is it.
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