Kerry Washington reveals expect the unexpected on 'Scandal'

Unless you've been living under a rock or simply don't own a television, you are well aware that 'Scandal' is one of the most buzzed about shows on television. Every Thursday, 'Gladiators' around the country (and at this point world) watch as StyleList guest editor Kerry Washington, who plays Olivia Pope, dedicates her life to protecting and defending the images of the nation's elite, while grappling with her own very chaotic personal life.

StyleList caught up with Kerry after the 7th episode of Season 4 to find out what to expect for the rest of this season and whose team she's really on, #teamfitz or #teamjake!

Last season ended with Olivia Pope boarding a plane with Jake, former-love interest/murderer/stud. Promo's for this season quickly revealed that Olivia left Washington for the beach, but the one item of clothing she packed, may surprise you. We asked Kerry what Olivia would have packed and she replied, "a great cashmere sweater." Whether or not this is true, Kerry herself loves to travel. She revealed that while she doesn't have a favorite spot, she "likes to try new locals, the world is a huge place, I'd explore!"

The relationship between Fitzgerald Grant (the president) and Olivia has been a rocky and intense relationship from the start, but when it comes to what Kerry really thinks or if she's actually on Team Jake, Kerry reveals, her pick is in fact, someone entirely different. "I am team Shonda. I think she has created a phenomenal landscape of storytelling and I love how complicated it all is," explained Kerry. As for the rest of the season, Kerry reveals, any expectations should be thrown out the window, and we should expect the unexpected!

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