Kendall Jenner drops her famous last name

Looks like the reality-TV star & model, Kendall Jenner, no longer wants to be called by her famous last name! The 18-year-old stunner, who's part of the Kardashian-Jenner clan is trying to distance herself from the family and instead make a name for herself without the help of her four sisters, 'mom-ager', and their motley crew of friends.

Kendall has been spotted in countless runway shows, print ads, and digital ads over the past year and continues to show her stripes in the modeling world. According to Racked, "Her agency, The Society Management, has dubbed her Kendall on their site, even as she's surrounded by NBD names like Adriana Lima, Liu Wen and Lindsey Wixon, each burdened by their last names."

Only time will tell if like Madonna, 'Kendall' sticks, but we're happy to see the rising star continue to make waves in the fashion industry without her famous family.
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