Top 9 at 9: Keira Knightley is pregnant! Plus more news

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1. Keira Knightley is expecting her first child! Anyone else totally call this one? We knew this announcement was imminent, Keira has consistently been wearing loose-fitting clothes the last several weeks, and we've had a sneaky suspicion there was a very exciting reason why. (PageSix)

2. Emma Watson has captured the hearts of the fashion crowd for some time now, and she recently won an award for Best British Style at the British Style Awards. So naturally, she was one of the first celebrities that came to mind when we started to look back at the year in review: A year of style with Emma Watson.

3. 2014 is coming to a close, so it's the perfect time to analyze everything about the year! Who was best dressed? Which celebrities had the greatest year? And from our friends at Fashionista, the 9 biggest beauty trends of the year.

4. Ever wonder how the Victoria's Secret Angels manage to tweet, Instagram, and Snapchat during the show without losing any battery to their phone!? Well, they were using the AMAZING Puku, which seriously recharges your phone within minutes.

5. "Magnificent hair and hushed tones," what one Vanity Fair writer says he learned from following Kate Middleton around for 3 days. Because seriously, can you ever hear what she's saying? And to be honest, pretty sure we all agree Kate deserves a shrine to her hair, no? (Vanity Fair)

6. Diane Kruger does it again in embellished Chanel Couture at the Glamour Awards 2014.

Glamour Awards 2014 Diane Kruger
7. Attending a wedding this winter? Here's what to wear - to look gorgeous but still be warm!

8. We all have that oh my God moment when you wake up and see dark circles or puffy eyes. Don't fret, here's why you see them and what you can do about it.

9. And here are the biggest fashion trends of 2014:
The Biggest Fashion Trends of 2014
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