Kate Spade tote sparks online backlash

A bag from Kate Spade, the "call to action - stanley" tote, is causing quite the stir online. The $228 tote, which is clearly meant to say "I [heart] KSNY [Kate Spade New York]" uses a spade symbol to replace the S. As such, the symbol can unfortunately be interpreted as an O, and it appears to say "I [heart] KONY." Oops.

Joseph Kony, a warlord from Uganda, is a well known terrorist currently being sought-after by the International Criminal Court. The comparison was largely raised on social media, with the backlash starting when PR professional Lauren Jenkins tweeted a photo of the bag with the comment, "not sure if Kate Spade thought this design through. #IloveKony." The tweet was favorited and retweeted hundreds of times.

We have to commend Kate Spade on their quick reaction and proactive measures, though. The brand said, in a statement to MailOnline: "This bag was designed as a celebration of Kate Spade New York, using the abbreviation of our name, kate (spade) new york. We regret the interpretation of this tote's design and apologize for any misunderstanding. We take customer feedback seriously and are actively working to withdraw these items from our stores and wholesale partners." Kudos. (Daily Mail)

Photo Credit: Nordstrom
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