Kate Moss Is Naked and Brunette in Versace's Fall Ads

It wasn't the fact that Kate Moss is like so totally n00d in the new Versace fall campaign–save for some strategically placed handbags–that caught our eye. (Been there, right-click-saved that.) It was her non-blonde hair! Look!

This isn't the first time Mossy's sported brown tresses. When she first came on the fash scene in 1992, she was decidedly brunette, with Vogue UK editor in chief Alexandra Schulman describing the young Moss as a "mousey-haired urchin with attitude." But as her star rose, so, too, did her salon tab. Her perfectly tousled, sun-kissed blonde locks helped bring KM to style icon status. It's now been more than a decade since we've seen Kate Moss go to the dark side.

And we have to say, we're kind of obsessed. While we're sure there was some airbrushing involved, we haven't seen Moss look this radiant, natural, and youthful since she had that nervous breakdown posing with Marky Mark more than 20 years ago. And though recent paparazzi pictures suggest her brunette locks were temporary (according to WWD, the campaign was shot by Mert & Marcus in early March), we think permanently going back to her roots wouldn't be the worst decision Mossy's made. In fact, five out of six Fashionista editors highly recommend it.

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